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Advance voting in Tairawhiti / Gisborne vo

18th Sep 2014

TAIRAWHITI / GISBORNE voters were quick to take advantage of advance voting, which began on the 3rd ... more

Tairawhiti School Attendance Services


Te Runanga O Turanganui A Kiwa together with Te Runanganui O Ngati Porou are contracted by Ministry of Education to Co-Manage the Tairawhiti School Attendance Services.
The service covers schools from Potaka in the north to Ruapunga in the south. In our Turanganui A Kiwa region the service is coordinated through four (4) Kaiawhina who are based at the following schools because of their high population base; Te Karaka Area School, Lytton High School, Gisborne Boys High School and Gisborne Girls High School. They are responsible for attendance in these schools as well as the surrounding satellite schools. All schools complete their own due diligence where non-attendance occurs and if this does not result in a return to school usually after three (3) days then a referral is made to the service for the Kaiawhina to follow up.
They then take appropriate action to also contact the whanau and arrange a visit to ascertain the reason doe non-attendance and together with whanau work out a plan which would result in a retun of the student to school. If the issues are complex and difficult then the Kaiawhina will look to engage relevant support services and monitor the case through to a return to school.
The service is in year two (2) of a three (3) year contract and began back in May 2011 as a pilot programme. In January 2012 we were awarded the contract to co-manage the project for the national roll-out of the ministry’s new attendance service. As part of embedding the project with we visited all fifty one (51) school, presented the service and gained an agreement from them support us by ensuring that they fulfil their processes before referring onto our service.