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Te Runanga o Turanganui a Kiwa EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Papakainga Housing Progr..
Rongowhakaata Iwi Trust to complete a Feasibility Study for the repatriatio..


Advance voting in Tairawhiti / Gisborne vo

18th Sep 2014

TAIRAWHITI / GISBORNE voters were quick to take advantage of advance voting, which began on the 3rd ... more

About Te Runanga o Turanganui a Kiwa

flax bush

In 1985 the iwi of Turanga met to discuss the devolution of the Department of Maori Affairs and the impact that might have on them. Following a series of hui the iwi agreed to form a legal entity which would assist them to realise their social, economic, political and cultural aspirations.

An entity called Te Runanga o Turanganui a Kiwa was registered in 1986 to be the mandated iwi authority for the tribes of Turanganui a Kiwa. The Runanga was charged with supporting the iwi, hapu and whanau of Turanganui a Kiwa toward "tino rangatiratanga". The mission statement of the time, guided Te Runanga to provide the iwi with support, to advocate, to facilitate and to enable them to access choices for their future development.

Strategic leadership and governance is provided by Trustees who are duly elected from iwi and hapu, while the Corporate Services of Te Runanga supports the governance and management of the organisation.

In the year 2000, a partnership was forged between the Ministry of Education and Te Runanga which enabled iwi of Turanga a small window of opportunity to initiate examples of educational resources development and dialect revitalisation. The selection of resources produced by Te Runanga o Turanganui a Kiwa and in collaboration with The Ministry of Education are a result of that partnership.

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